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When it comes to obtaining Canadian citizenship, it is perhaps the dream of many Vietnamese people as well as many people from different countries around the world. Canada is a country that offers numerous benefits and policies for its citizens in terms of education, healthcare, and social welfare. This is not only a matter of interest for those already living in Canada with permanent or temporary residency, but also for those who are planning to step into Canada. So, who can become a Canadian citizen and what is the process for submitting an application? Let's explore the information below!

Who is eligible for Canadian citizenship?

To be eligible for Canadian Citizenship, you need to meet these 5 requirements:

  1. You must be a permanent resident of Canada
  2. Residence period in Canada: You must have been physically present and living in Canada for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years (equivalent to at least 1,095 days in the 5 years before applying for citizenship). If you have had a period of temporary residence in Canada, each day of temporary residence counts as half a day.
  3. Income tax payment: Fulfill all income tax obligations. Each individual case will have different tax obligations.
  4. Successfully pass the citizenship test: Successfully pass the citizenship test. The test questions will inquire about the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens such as: history, geography, economy, administrative organization, constitutional law, and national symbols. The test is usually in written form, but it can also be conducted as an interview with a Canadian official.
  5. Language proficiency proof: Demonstrate the ability to communicate in English or French, equivalent to CLB 4 or higher.
  6. Cases not meeting eligibility criteria / Prohibited from applying for Canadian citizenship:
    1. Being a criminal in Canada or elsewhere.
    2. Not meeting citizenship requirements for a certain period of time (e.g., fraud, citizenship revocation... during a required period).
    3. Time spent serving a prison sentence, parole, or probation is not counted as time living in Canada.
    4. The government will review each case for resolution.

Methods of submitting the application:

  • Online: Some cases can be submitted through this method.
  • By printing and submitting the paper: Most people can submit through this method.

Note: Choose only one of the two methods to submit, not both at the same time.

You can choose a representative to submit your application for Canadian citizenship on your behalf. This person can be an immigration/naturalization consultant, a lawyer, a friend, a family member, etc. However, choosing the right representative who ensures that your application is complete and meets the citizenship requirements is crucial. This can lead to quick or delayed results, and success or failure. Therefore, you should carefully consider choosing a representative who is trustworthy and competent to support you in your significant endeavor.

In particular, an immigration or naturalization consultant is someone with knowledge and expertise in immigration/naturalization law, accredited by the RCIC, who will rely on the relevant laws to provide you with more accurate advice.

A representative will assist you with the following:

  • Answering questions, providing advice, and giving recommendations for your specific case
  • Assessing whether your application meets the requirements or if additional documents are needed
  • Interacting with the government authorities responsible for citizenship and filling out the application form on your behalf

Set your goal to obtain Canadian citizenship to possess a powerful passport, allowing you to travel to many countries around the world without needing a visa!