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Letter from our principal counsel, David Le – RCIC-IRB to Facebook and Meta

Dear Facebook Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Van Duy Khiem Le, and I have gone by David Le for many years, known by my family members, friends and partners. This was also IDed and verified by Facebook.

I am writing to you regarding the recent decision to permanently disable my personal Facebook account, which has been active for over 15 years (used to connect with friends and people from my original hometown) + restrict another account of ~6 years (used to connect with people in Canada when I immigrated into Canada).

I am being attacked by cyber criminals hired by the competitor. I am truly perplexed and distressed by this action, and I believe there may be a misunderstanding or an unfortunate incident that led to this decision.

It has come to my attention that my account may have been compromised by black hat hackers who have used illicit tools/bots to report or hack into my account. I have reasons to believe that these unauthorized activities and multiple false reports of my legal and free-speech content, led to what’s called violating “community standards” and the account’s permanent disabling. It happened while I was sleeping at night. I found out in the early morning when I woke up.

A hacker/ cybercriminal used a fake account to approach me while attacking my Facebook account

I understand the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful community on Facebook, and I fully support your commitment to enforcing community standards. However, I firmly believe that my account has been unfairly targeted due to malicious activities beyond my control.

I assumed they hacked and accessed my business account and initiated a report of violating Intellectual property against myself/ own business account. I realized this when I received an email confirming receipt of “my report” that I did not do. 2 Facebook’s email responses regarding this incident have been reported to Facebook.

A hacker cyber criminal added friend with my new account to try to offer their illegal service to 8220recover8221 my Facebook account for money

I kindly request that you provide me with an opportunity to appeal this decision and have my account thoroughly reviewed by a person not auto response and AI/bot response with templates. I am more than willing to cooperate in any investigation and provide any necessary information to prove my innocence. I value the connections and relationships built over the years on Facebook and am eager to resolve this matter promptly.

Facebook Account 1: http://facebook.com/dk.ttn/   –> disabled permanently without an opportunity to appeal.

Facebook Account 2 – Meta Verified: http://facebook.com/davidlercic –> been restricted for 3 days by multiple false reports by illegal AI bot/ programs/ apps.

Please consider the possibility of external interference and grant me the chance to present my case. I am confident that a thorough review will reveal the true nature of the situation and result in the reinstatement of my account.

Thank you for your time and understanding. I look forward to a swift resolution to this matter.


David Le, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant – RCIC – IRB

Member in good standing of CICC, CAPIC

Commissioner for taking affidavits (Province of Ontario)

Head office: 888 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3E 0C7, Canada

Rep. office: 3025 Destination Dr., Mississauga, ON. L5M 0P3, Canada

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Phone: +1-647-713-1686 | 431-998 9868 | 204-898-6626 (Canada) | +84 (0) 36 9277566 (Viet Nam), reachable on Zalo, Viber, Whatsapp.

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David Le

Van Duy Khiem Le (David), MBA., Thành viên chính thức Đoàn Chuyên gia Tư vấn Di trú Canada (CICC), Hiệp hội các Chuyên gia Tư vấn Di trú Canada (CAPIC)

Chuyên gia tư vấn di trú Canada (RCIC.) | Ủy viên chứng thực tuyên thệ tỉnh bang Ontario, Canada